FCPI NextStage Découvertes 2020-2021


The FCPI will focus its selection on innovative SMEs and mid-cap companies, with international exposure or ambitions, while paying attention to dividend yield. The Management Company has undertaken to invest in innovative SMEs or midcaps up to 90% of the Fund's assets. Today, according to NextStage AM, they offer growth prospects and therefore added value for the investor over the fund's horizon. A field investor approach: NextStage AM ensures rigorous selection through field stock picking (company visits, meetings with entrepreneurs, etc.).

Investing in the FCPI presents a risk of capital loss and a blocking period for the units until 31/12/2028 at least and until 31/12/2030 at most by decision of the management company.

“FCPI: You have to see the tax reduction as the icing on the cake.”
Paul-Edouard Falck, Head of Partnerships at NextStage AM
with Club Patrimoine (21/09/2021)


The attention of subscribers is drawn to the fact that your money is blocked for a period of eight (8) years, i.e. until December 31, 2028 (inclusive), and may be extended up to ten (10) years, i.e. until December 31, 2030, in the event of an extension of the life of the Fund by decision of the Management Company (except in the case of early release as provided for in the regulations). The Fonds Commun de Placement dans l'Innovation is mainly invested in unlisted companies which present particular risks. You should be aware of the risk factors of this Fonds Commun de Placement dans l'Innovation described in the "risk profile" section of the regulations. Finally, the approval of the AMF does not mean that you will automatically benefit from the various tax measures presented by the Management Company. This will depend in particular on whether the product complies with certain investment rules, on the length of time you hold it and on your individual situation.

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