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NextStage AM

NextStage AM has developed a multi-strategy Private Equity platform which represents, in terms of outstandings at the end of December 2021, directly and indirectly, more than € 6,4 billion. Our 3 areas of expertise: Development Capital, Real Estate Private Equity and
Online savings management.

Key figures

Growth Equity Expert

Since 2002, NextStage AM has been characterized by its entrepreneurial-investor DNA and supports ambitious entrepreneurs with equity and expertise with its institutional partners and more than 30 individual investors.


Outstanding amounts managed and advised directly and through participations in vehicles managed by NextStage AM


Individual investors


Supported entrepreneurs


Staff members


Independent since 2002

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2002 Creation of Nextstage AM
2008 Entrance of the Artemis group
2012 Amundi Entrance
2015 Launch

Capital structuring

NextStage AM is an independent management company, leader in Growth Capital and approved by the AMF (Financial market authority) since 2002. NextStage AM is majority owned by its partners with 74,9% of the capital, and for the remainder by leading shareholders:
Amundi and Temaris & Associates.

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NextStage in video

Our platform allows many investors to support the growth of innovative mid-size companies. Discover the intervention of Grégoire Sentilhes, President of NextStage AM and Jean-David Haas, CEO.

NextStage AM added value


NextStage Values

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Improve the recurrence of the model, enrich it, continue to invest heavily in R&D to maintain a “lead” position in its market.


Support for international deployment through internal growth or M&A (Europe, US, Africa and Asia).

External growths

+ than 340 acquisitions made and successful in the conduct of “build-ups”.

Strengthening teams

Help to strengthen teams (sales, marketing, digital, financial management, etc.).

Financial optimisation

Implementation of performance management tools and logistical support.

Helping companies to become efficient in terms of ESG and climate

Help ETMs anticipate and capture ESG risks and opportunities by integrating them into their business models.

"Connecting the dots"

Strengthen co-creation and sharing between the Entrepreneurs of the portfolio (best practices, business opportunities etc.).