2022 Unlisted ESG Report

The major social and environmental challenges facing us are a factor of
transformation and opportunities evident. Now it's up to us to seize them, all together.

Aloys de Fontaines - Julien Potier

White Paper: Investing in the Champions of tomorrow

First lessons from the Covid-19 crisis & implications for the long-term equity investment strategy

Nicolas de Saint-Etienne - Aloys de Fontaines - Julien Potier - Michael Strauss-Kahn

NextStage AM: Unlisted ESG report
September 2020

Aloys de Fontaines - Julien Potier

White Paper: The democratization of
Capital investment
#Pact Law, #PER, # Contribution-Transfer

Grégoire Sentilhes - Jonathan Boudin

White Paper: Investing long-term savings in companies to make them grow
The best answer to restore employment and the competitiveness of a country!

Grégoire Sentilhes - Thierry Ortmans

Long live the 3rd Industrial Revolution!
All entrepreneurs of our destinies 

Grégoire Sentilhes - Preface by Erik Orsenna