Our Values / Mission


NextStage Values

The very essence of NextStage AM, which allows it to create differentiated value, is its willingness and ability to invest in patient capital. Our values ​​are based on an entrepreneurial culture and respect for the economic, environmental and human ecosystem. Loyalty to these values ​​makes it possible to respond to the challenges of technological, social, sociological and environmental changes in the 21st century and to turn to the important opportunities for value creation that emerge from them.

Innovative entrepreneurial culture

Place innovation at the heart of organizations' challenges to integrate technologies and research & development at all stages of value creation.

Patience capital: The challenges of investing in equity

Work in close collaboration with the management teams in order to develop a strategy ensuring the sustainability of the company

The importance of the human

Give SMEs and ETIs the organizational and human keys to experience change in a positive way, particularly for skills development, social cohesion, recruitment, talent retention and good working conditions.

Anchoring in the territories

Encourage the emergence of champions from our regions capable of revolutionizing their market and sharing their konw-how in Europe and the world.

Ambition to build European & world champions

Allow our entrepreneurs and their organizations to have the keys to internationalize by taking into account all the dimensions of supplier management to the creation and development of a subsidiary

A positive impact on Environment, Social and Governance since 2009

Supporting companies in mastering environmental and social challenges and in taking concrete steps towards carbon sobriety, limiting negative externalities and a fairer working environment.


NextStage AM is committed

In 2017, NextStage AM affirms its ESG approach by signing an “Entrepreneur-Investor Charter in patient capital” which recalls its vision in terms of ESG, reaffirms its attachment to its values ​​and expresses its central objective of giving entrepreneurs time to express their full potential. Discover our commitments.