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4 major cross-cutting fundamental trends

In a changing world, the 3rd Industrial Revolution, which we are experiencing, is redesigning our economic model with the emergence of new sources of energy, new means of communication and new industrial activities.

Emotional Value Economy

We don't just have a right (rational) brain. So our emotions have value, and are there to remind us that we are unique. There are many development opportunities for companies that manage to combine branding that creates emotion and the quality of the customer experience that generates inspiration, desire and loyalty.

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Industrial Internet

The number of internet users worldwide increased to 1 billion between 2000 and 2010, to exceed 4.4 billion in 2018. The number of connected internet objects (IoT) is expected to reach 75 billion by 2025. If the e-commerce has already gained significant market share against its traditional competitors, mobile commerce already represents more than 30% of e-commerce in the United States, 80% of e-commerce in China and thus constitutes a reservoir of growth unique in the world. Finally, the Industrial Internet (which we will develop below) will make it possible to achieve considerable productivity gains due to the optimization of the interconnection of machines and networks.

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"On demand" Economy

This is essentially the so-called quaternary sector whose products are neither goods nor services, but new services incorporating goods, as well as the temporary provision of goods or people. This sector has experienced a recent explosion, in particular thanks to information technologies and the Internet, but also thanks to the unprecedented development of requests for services (e.g. cloud, home services, rental (Vélib, Autolib, BlaBlaCar ...), SaaS (Google, Sales Force)).

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Green Growth

The Energy Transition is about promoting growth and development while reducing pollution, waste generation and wasting natural resources, and enhancing energy security. Sustainable development is increasingly integrated into business strategies, and new products and services are emerging around the energy transition: energy performance, reprocessing channels, optimization of asset and resource management, algorithmic models, etc.

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