Investment strategy around the ongoing industrial revolution

The Tree of the 3rd Industrial Revolution

The Tree of the Third Industrial Revolution analyzes the dynamics that govern the process of creative destruction described by Joseph Schumpeter, as the world is currently experiencing it on a global scale, and at an unprecedented rate. A process that makes the role of entrepreneurs as central as it is vital, not only through the innovations they carry, through these start-ups that are reinventing the future, but also through SMEs that are becoming mid-size companies and developing, ever larger. , on a worldwide scale. By these CAC 40 companies which must reinvent themselves. Entrepreneurial culture is at the heart of the transformation of each of us, employee as entrepreneur, within companies, small, medium or large as organizations (associations, administrations ...), and which too must adapt and rethink their role.

ETMs from France and Europe

France suffers because it has very large groups but below the void is yawning. We only have 4 mid-sized companies - compared to 600 in Italy, 8 in Great Britain and 500 in Germany. However, this is also where the delta of possible job creation is found. An SME that becomes an ETI creates on average 10 additional jobs. Let's imagine that only 000 mid-sized companies are developed in France! 12 million people work in the French Mittelstand compared to 500 million in Germany.

Source: The Mighty Middle, GE Capital, 2012.

The impact of long-term performance in an investment

The biggest investors have understood it well, there is no winning strategy except long-term or even very long-term investment. Invest regularly, and start early. Favor the orientation of its savings towards investment, rather than debt. And time draws considerable differences.

Albert Einstein said: “The compound interest table is the eighth wonder of the world, because it is the most powerful force in the universe. The one who understands it wins, the one who doesn’t understand it… pays. »

Source: NextStage AM

Past performance is not indicative of future performance and is not constant over time.

The technological revolution underway

The technological revolution is spreading all over the world, where people have access to the Internet and decide to actively seize it.

Source: Accenture, 2015.

Source: Accenture, WEForum, 2016.

Technological Acceleration

The combinatorial effects of new technologies are accelerating the pace of change. We must embrace this acceleration in order to continue to innovate and allow the emergence of the next vector of economic, social and environmental development.


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