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Founded in 1982 and acquired by Etienne Paillard in 2011, Efalia is a global and modular software platform for dematerialization and content management that simplifies access to information, sharing documents and facilitates collaborative processes within organizations.

The Efalia suite covers the entire spectrum of digital document management in business. The group has solutions for information capture, document and content management, business process management, electronic signature, interactive document composition, a certified digital safe and dematerialization at source .

The end-to-end software suite is aimed at a professional clientele bringing together major players in the public and private sector (+ 2.500 clients), and is structured around three ranges, made up of 11 modules, perfectly interfaced with each other:

  • Desktop publishing: digitalization solutions, design and production of electronic documents (invoices, pay slips, interactive letters, etc.)
  • EDM: storage, management and distribution of cross-functional electronic content to different functional and organizational entities.
  • Portal: dematerialization of exchanges through an online procedure portal (after-sales service, customer relationship management, electronic signature, etc.)
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Efalia, modular content management software suite.