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Founded in 2000, RocTool develops technology and manufacturing solutions that provide engineering services and systems. The Roctool induction process, perfectly adapted to the injection and compression molding of plastics, meets the requirements of manufacturers.

Number 1 in heating and cooling technologies, Roctool offers several solutions to the entire industrial value chain including HDPlastics™ to plastics moulders, Light Induction Tooling – LIT™ technology to suppliers of composite parts and Induction technology Dual Heating – IDH™ for complete molding solutions.

The processes developed by Roctool are used on production lines by leading brands in innovative sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics. The specificities of the products offer many advantages, in particular reduced production cycle times, excellent surface quality, weight and performance savings, which allows manufacturers to reduce the overall cost of the parts produced.

Roctool's head office and R&D center are based in Le Bourget du Lac (France). Roctool also has platforms in Germany, North America, Japan and Taiwan.

The company is listed on Euronext Growth and achieved a turnover of 8,0 million euros in 2017.

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