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ESI Group is a pioneer and the world's leading creator of Virtual Prototyping software and services, specializing in materials physics. ESI has developed unique know-how to help manufacturers replace real prototypes with virtual prototypes, allowing them to manufacture and then virtually test their future products and ensure their pre-certification. Coupled with the latest generation technologies, Virtual Prototyping is now part of a broader Product Performance Lifecycle ™ approach, which addresses the operational performance of the product throughout its entire operating life cycle. This offering constitutes a unique, open and collaborative 'end-to-end' virtual prototyping solution with the phasing out of the use of physical prototyping during the product development phase. Present in more than 40 countries and in the main industrial sectors, ESI Group employs around 1200 high-level specialists around the world and achieved a turnover of 135 million euros in 2017.

ESI is a French company listed on Euronext Paris, NYSE Euronext (Compartment B), labeled “Innovative Company” by BPI France.

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